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What the hell is the point in a 1.5 hour shift? How could it be possibly worth it to the employee? I enter time for my section, which is the biggest section of the biggest department in the whole school. We have ~60 faculty on our own, most with their labs and assorted staff. That's bigger than some departments.

So, many researcher have all these little hourly folks. Hourlies must have their hours entered manually. And some of their work schedules are just insane to me. Imagine working 10 hours in a week and having to come in every day to get those measly 10 hours. It costs money to park in the Texas Medical Center, even if you get an outer lot and take a shuttle to get on campus. And there's another point. If we factor in the non-monetary costs of getting to the medical center and making it to our building, is 1.5 hours worth it? Hell, I've seen shifts as short as half an hour.

I don't know the personal situations of these employees. I can only assume they are students, working on their CV's. Money must not figure into it. Why even bother with a salary?
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