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My Jack is all grown up!

It's been awhile since we've subjected Jack to a photoshoot. Jack almost forgot how to be a ham. He got into the swing of things after awhile. Cliff also recorded him contending with a drippy faucet. According to Cliff, Jack can hang with a solid stream of water. But the whole drip, drip, drip thing isn't his bag.

Jack does the whole 'nervous licking/cleaning' thing like every cat I've ever known. If your cool is blown, act like you meant it and clean yourself. "Oh yeah, my paw was just needing to be cleaned. Just this second. Really!" Though, I'll cut him some slack here since he probably is cleaning water from himself.

Here's the vid:

I googled tabby information, and the brown bits are referred to as "rusting". I have a rusty cat! No wonder he hates rain! ;-D

I prefer to say he's got a rusty nose, rather than a brown nose.

I've got a lot of pics where Jack looks away, which isn't very useful. At least I don't have the back of his head here.

Oh yeah. Hamming it up.

Hi, mommy!

Jack, prowling his territory!

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