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My birthday weekend is officially over. I turned 36 as of Monday, October 2. Took yesterday off, and now I'm back to work. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. Y'all helped make this a very wonderful weekend, even if I have waiting 'till Tuesday to say anything.

Saturday - Got my hair highlighted & lowlighted with red. Got my nails done. Visited Mommie Dearest and she gave me baklava and a gift certificate.

Sunday - Went out with the girls and camped out at a table in La Madeleine for hours. Got Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas, candles, very dark chocolate, picture frames and potpourri.

Monday (actual birthday) - went out to lunch with Cliff at PF Changs and then went and saw the movie Fearless with Jet Li. Finished off with a trip to Cold Stone. The movie was good, but I'm beginning to think that ice cream from Cold Stone is just too sweet. I get the smallest size and suffer sweet fatigue before I finish the cup. I think Marble Slab may have the better ice cream.
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