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Twin Peaks and the Terabyte

I'm getting Cliff to watch Twin Peaks. I remembered loving the show back when it first aired in 1990! I make a point to mention 1990 because since it's set in a pre-Internet world, and that really struck me while watching. Special Agent Dale Cooper didn't even have a cell phone, not even the monstrosity Mulder carried in The Unusual Suspects.

I was surprised how much of a snoozer the pilot was, but the rest of the series is living up to what I remembered. It's hilarious, spooky and soap opera-y. Cliff doesn't know who killed Laura Palmer yet. Hee. I'm trying my best not to be spoilery, but I did confirm Bob was involved. Cliff got all glum thinking I spoiled it for him. I told him not to worry 'cause it wasn't nearly as straightforward as pointing at a character (especially that character) and saying, "He did it!"

We haven't yet hit the point when Duchovny makes his notable appearance, but Cliff is already anticipating the moment. He burned the DVDs and went looking for artwork for the menu. While doing that, he found the Twin Peaks character chart. We went over the chart together and refreshed him on who was who, etc.

I'm thinking of downloading Farscape next. I saw a few eps of S1, and remembered liking it. Plus there are plenty of people online who rave about it. Though, the problem with downloading shows is the disk space issue. Both Cliff and I have 160GB hard drives, plus Cliff has an external 160GB hard drive. TV shows eat GBs. I have Deep Space Nine on my machine, and it takes up 50GB by itself.

We actually briefly wondered how much a terabyte external hard drive would cost. I think Cliff googled it and discovered it's a bit expensive right now. God, a terabyte. I remember a time when Macintosh computers had a 68K hard drive. 68K! Lord, tell a kid that and s/he'll think you're telling a story of going to school in 6ft of snow uphill BOTH WAYS!

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