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Short attention span post...flit, flit, flit...

This Friday is longer than most Fridays I've experienced. I partially blame this cold I'm coming down with. I was very busy in the morning, but this afternoon has dragged.

We had a luncheon today, and I got a box lunch with a chicken salad sandwich made with apricots and almond slivers. Huge thumbs up on the tastiness that was that. I'll have the keep the caterer in mind next time I have an event.

Today is the deadline for open enrollment for benefits at my work. If I do nothing, I get the same things as last time, which is fine. However, they've finally come up with credit cards for the flexible spending accounts. About time. But I still don't feel like getting online to do anything about it. I'm feeling so blah.

Reading the news in the mornings is just an exercise in "How godawful is it today?" How 'bout that Mahdi Army briefly capturing a town in the south of Iraq? Civil War? Pshaw! I guess that's a nice change of pace from the daily death tolls. Every morning it seems it's "40 decapitated bodies found in Baghdad" or "60 bodies showing evidence of torture found around Baghdad, killed execution style". Those headlines just start my day off in style. Today, it was just 8 killed in Afghanistan, if you ignore that 74 US soldiers have already died this month. Oh yeah, that peace effort is doing SO well. Actually, I'm sure plenty of civilians died in Baghdad today, but I think the Mahdi Army pushed it down the list. Though, it was quite exciting to read about the 400 poisoned at an Iraqi police event a couple of weeks back. Even inured to the death tolls every morning, 400 people still makes me sit up.

Hopefully you didn't get whiplash with subject changes.
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