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I admit I've been under the weather for about a week now, and I was feeling somewhat woozy and tired watching Torchwood late last night, but was that ep just not all that good?

I may need a rewatch, because I think I'm judging harshly on the basis of the target practice scene. Cliff still hasn't seen any of the eps yet. I want to see his reaction to this show.

Even though I knew it was coming via fan rumblings, I'm not feeling Jack/Gwen. That target practice was supposed to be hot, but in my opinion, the scene came waaay too soon in the series. It wasn't hot, it was uncomfortable to watch. Mulder and Scully playing baseball? HAWT. Jack and Gwen shooting guns all sexy-like? Not so much.

Or maybe I wasn't meant to feel it considering Gwen went home and used up that pent up sexual energy with her sweet, supportive boyfriend.

We're three eps in, and I don't feel like I know the characters that well. Other than Gwen, that is. Gwen, Gwen, Gwen. We don't even know how Jack got back to the 21st century and why he's decided to be there.

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