Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Torchwood Weekly Bitchfest

There was some promising points in "Small Worlds", but per usual, the show has to throw WTF moments around just to irritate me.

I liked the Jack/Estelle stuff. That was kinda sweet and I liked references to his time traveling past. However, that just dredged up a whole bunch of questions that have murmured around my head for awhile. Why does Jack bother to hide that he's a time traveler? Torchwood was founded on an encounter with the Doctor, so you'd think his team could handle it. But then, does his team know the history of Torchwood? I honestly don't know.

To continue the TW musings, who does Jack report to? Who hired him? The only person that even seems to hint that TW is actually a larger organization is Ianto. And that's not even because of anything he's said, but that he knew how to bring in an outside scientist. Everyone else seems to work in a vacuum. No collaborations? No joint projects with other TW's?

I think probably the greatest weakness of this show is its apparent inability to even suggest any sort of backstory, outside of the teasing hints about Jack's past.

Getting back to episode-specific comments...

WTF is up with "Torchwood" being engraved on their SUV's? Am I imagining things, but isn't Torchwood supposed to be kinda secret or something? But then, Jack et al have never seemed all stealthy with their organization affliations. With the way they operate, you'd think they'd have Gwen-clones chasing them every week.

Can anyone explain to me why Gwen's flat was trashed? That was so random, as if it was just an excuse to get Rhys in frame.

And there's the ending. Poor Mum. So faeries were going to go on a killing spree if they didn't get this one? I supposed helpless/useless could have been an interesting position for the TW team to explore, but I don't think they did it all that well.

The funny thing about TW is that it doesn't always seem terrible when you're watching it, but when you sit down and think about it, things just fall apart. This ep actually seemed better than average, but then...

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