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TGIF and the lack of wakefulness

I'm soooo glad it's Friday. I hit my snooze button thinking it was for the first time, but I looked at the clock and saw that it time for me to get out of bed. Damn. I REALLY don't remember hitting the snooze button those other times. And I average hitting the snooze 3-4 times. Cliff is ever so tolerant of this behavior. **MWAH** to my husband!

The Krogers by my house sucks. They were out of Diet Mountain Dew last night. Bastards. I ended up getting the store brand version, and that's what I'm drinking now. Normally with most sodas, this would be fine. But I buy DMD for the CAFFEINE, and the fact it's a good diet soda--unlike that swill Diet Coke.

I want some kind of guarantee on the store brand stuff that insures equivalent caffeine content. Though, it does seen to be working. I was suffering from the "I'm so tired it HURTS" earlier, but I'm emerging from the Zombie state.

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