Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Dry Ice

I never thought I'd ever have this thought, but I miss humidity! It's in the mid-thirties around here, and basically has been since Sunday evening. Last night and this morning, we were all warned of an "ice storm"! Whooooo! Yet for the drizzling that counted as a storm, the air felt dry, dry, dry. My skin is not happy. My nose is not happy. My lips are not happy.

For Houston, this mini-freeze is kinda a big deal. Houston ISD closed all their schools for today, as well as many private schools. Some closed for only the first half of the day. My institution stayed open, and my drive to work was fairly uneventful. One bridge was closed and we were diverted to the feeder road. No big deal, really. Traffic was light.

An interesting thing about Houston is its size and location. Houston is fairly spread out. Per Wikipedia, it encompasses more than 600 sq. miles, and that's not including the numerous suburb communities. The north side has different weather than the south side. The north typically gets more rain, and the temps fall lower. Running east-west through the center of Houston, is I-10. The weather people have been using I-10 as the dividing line this week to indicate north of I-10 should watch out for ice on the roads. South? Don't worry! :D Yay for living in the southwestern quadrant of the Houston metropolitan area! We're also far enough inland that we don't generally worry about hurricanes unless they're category 3 or above. We didn't panic for Rita, like half of Houston did. *eyeroll* That was a clusterfuck of stupendous proportions. Three million panicked people jumping in their cars all at once? Ugh.

Anyways, it's cold and dry-feeling here in Humidity City. I have my trusty chap stick and skin lotion at the ready. But it'll have to snow with a considerable accumulation before I give up my sandals. And that just doesn't happen here.
Tags: dry, freezing rain, humidity, weather

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