Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Part pride, part shame...

I've been visiting cat_macros ever since katiem00 turned me to it. I love it.

Lately, some posters have found a trove of hairless Sphinx kitten pictures and have been macro-ing them. Some have been funny, but some have seemed a little mean. Granted, Sphinx kittens aren't the cutest kitties in the world, but I've heard they have wonderful temperaments. Therefore, I've been kind of on the fence about those macros. I must admit the stern Picard (Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.) one was hilarious.

And yet, when I'm involved with finally submitting a cat macro? Yep, it was a hairless kitty one. Cliff saw a picture and the light bulb went on. I actually came up with the text, but the base idea of the resemblance is Cliff's brain child. Truly a joint effort.

Here it is. Check out the community, too. It's usually hilarious, once you get all the l33t talk.

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