Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Crankiness, then big girl panties and chrome fish

I often find drabbles tiresome. I've never read a drabble that made me think, "Wow. I really need to bookmark/save/etc. it. I especially find them tiresome when someone gets it in their head to post a dozen of them separately on whofic. Gah.


So, nobody on my flist knows the origins of "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it", eh? Google was amazingly unhelpful. Maybe I should have checked Urban Dictionary. Wow, even Urban Dictionary has nothing on the origins. Just the meaning. Bummer.

I was sure the phrase came from a TV show, but perhaps not. *shrug*

Talking about bumper sticker slogans, I saw the following bumper sticker on a car while driving in to work...
"It takes more than a chrome fish, pal."

I honestly had no idea what that meant. I blame the fact that it was actually a sticker, rather than some chrome thingy affixed to the car. Google shed the light for me. Doh! We're talking those fish things that Christians put on their cars. Personally, I like the fish with legs that say "Darwin" on the inside. But, I'm just that type of girl.

Are we on to a new phase of battling beliefs via car decorations? So we have the chrome fish, then the Darwin fish, then the bigger fish eating the Darwin fish, and now this sticker?

I'm not sure which side the sticker is a symbol for, as the first few links on Google were by Christians and/or conservatives. Also, there's some Christian rock song by the title "Chrome Fish". Still, the sticker seems to have a combative tone.

Ahh, the afternoon monsoons have arrived, announced by booming thunder. Luckily lunch does not require that I walk out in the rain. Off I go...

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