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Slowest Day on LJ evah?!? Nah, I just somehow got signed out

Anyway, dumb ol' me was thinking everybody must be having a crazy Monday like me! No posts since early this morning, eh? Dammit, I need entertaining when I take much-needed mental breaks from my boring-ass job. Evidently, I can be quite needy in this regard. Believe me, you don't want me to resort to FreeCell. I've made a solemn vow never to open FreeCell at work, and there's good reason for that.

I'm glad this work day is nearly over. First on deck were ridiculous tasks that are just part of the surreal flow of office life. Then we had a little organizing, a call from the boss who is in Bermuda on business believe it or not. Plus a little freelance work! The website is nearly finished. Just a few more changes and we'll go live. Yay. You can check out the nearly finished product at

Ahh, I'll have to tell you about my rollercoaster weekend. Later. Probably tonight. I guess I ought to do a bit more work today. Sigh.

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