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I never thought I'd see the day when antm...

...when antm cut a girl for being too dumb to live. Kathleen was a beautiful girl. No doubt about that, but when she's so dumb that you can't even explain the concept of anti-fur to her?

(from memory here)
Kathleen: "I don't know why anyone would be against fur. It makes you look hot!"

Tyra: What's your stance on fur?

Kathleen: Well, I'm against killing animals for their fur. But otherwise, it's fine.

Whole judging panel looks at each other with a collective, "Whaaa?"

Tyra: Umm, Kathleen? Where are we going to get fur if we don't kill animals?

Kathleen: Umm, animals sometimes fight, ya know. And animals die like humans do, right? (Note: she sounds like she's sincerely asking whether animals die of old age/sickness/etc.)

The judging panel seemed a bare syllable from telling girlfriend that she's an idiot. At the end, they politely point out that she's a bit "clueless". I think they meant "brainless". It's only one syllable off. Could be an honest mistake.

And here I thought antm jumped the shark on Cycle 7--that I was past caring about any of these whiny bitches. That's no insult to Caridee though. I liked her and she's the first of the antm CG spokesmodels that hasn't made me cringe. Yay Caridee for not sucking! Though, I thought it kinda sucked that Dani had to unattractively hick-twang herself into Caridee's first commercial.
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