Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Made of Win, Part Deux

So, on ONTD, there's a thread about the Buffy comic series, the Season 8 of BtVS. The post has art of most of the characters--Buffy, a rakish looking Xander, Willow and Dawn. Lots of typical ONTD comments follow, more on the positive side than not. But somebody always has to post that they never watched a show and "just doesn't get it". Oookay, attention whore. :-P

Then one poster asks (and I include his/her icon for its appropriateness)...

ev1lkitkat : Why is Xander wearing an eyepatch?

Many give this response:

ohshiny : he got his eye poked out at the end of buffy.

But a clever poster had another, much more Xanderish answer...

isildae : Because he's taken a vow of piracy!

isildae, I don't know you, but somewhere inside I kinda love ya.

Tags: win

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