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Monday, Monday

My husband is off to Austin for a business trip for a week. He's driving the new hotness Prius and I'll have old and busted Corolla. He's taking a class on a specific software package (Lombardi). I've left him alone for a couple of trips, but this will be the first time I'll be left alone at home.

The thing is, he wanted me to come with him. However, my work didn't want me to take the whole week off. I know why they don't want me to go, but it's still irritating. Being needed sometimes sucks. :P

So, it's just me and the kitties this week. Jack will miss Cliff, but he hated being boarded so this is probably better for him. Not to say the sisters won't miss him, but Cliff is much more Jack's human. Lulu loves everybody and Penelope kinda leans more towards me.

Speaking of new hotness, we picked up a 22" widescreen monitor for Cliff this weekend. I don't think it's set up properly yet, though. Everything seems a bit
*w i d e* on it. I may fiddle with it this week. It's "native" resolution is supposed to be, iirc, 1680X1050. I'm not sure that's where he has it set.

I meant to try to get a voice post in this weekend, but it didn't happen. But I'll bet it will this week.
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