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Pumpkins seeds and the discriminating palate

O pumpkin seed! How glorious thou art!

When I was a kid, we used to roast our own pumpkin seeds from our jack-o-lanterns. Tasty, tasty, tasty. It was a seasonal thing with us, though. Ever so often when I got older, I'd pick up a bag of pumpkin seeds. Not too often, 'cause the shells were more challenging than sunflower seeds and shells make such a mess.

So, I haven't had pumpkin seeds in awhile. However, I found shelled pumpkin seed kernels (by Austinuts) in the grocery store this weekend and I'm in love. Often I prefer seeds/nuts with shell, like sunflower seeds or pistachios. Somehow without the shells, you miss that salty goodness and the meats are somewhat less appealing when you can eat a bunch at a time. I told Cliff this about observation on shells, and he looked at me like I was nuts! [rimshot]

Ahh, but pumpkin seeds do not suffer from losing their challenging shells! The seeds have lots of surface area and retain a bit of the salty goodness that usually is associated with the shells. Plus, I just love the structure of them when you eat them whether you suck on them first or crunch right into 'em.

Anyway, after rhapsodizing about the taste of pumpkin seeds, I wondered how one would describe the taste (I knew this would end up being an LJ entry). I'm horrible at being able to verbalize these things. I'm always amazed at wine or chocolate flavor descriptions. How does one taste cherry or wood notes in wine? I'm not fond of wine, so maybe I'm not qualified to opine there.

Yet I'm fond of good chocolate and even some of those descriptions elude me. I've seen chocolate described as having a "floral aroma" or "warm notes of honey". The tastes I note are bitterness, spiciness, sweetness, creaminess and especially important to me, the texture/mouth feel. Expensive chocolates have a smoother texture and linger in the mouth longer. A nice dark chocolate has a nice snap when you break it and that translates to a good eating experience. But ask me for "notes" and my dumb tongue has nothing educated to say. I taste all sorts of things, but I can't articulate that into sophisticated food speak.

So, on to the web for a description of the taste of a pumpkin seed. All I find is nutty and slightly sweet, which does little justice to its fabulous flavor. My dumb tongue just says, "Yum!"
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