Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Squirrel Excitement

My email buddies have already seen this story, but I wanted to record it in LJ for posterity.

Penelope and Jack chased a squirrel into the house Sunday while the girls (Kimmi & Lynda) were here. I heard a racket behind the desk in the kitchen. I thought it was a cat fight. Jack sometimes makes Penelope hiss. I usually give Jack hell over it when I catch him.

When I went to look, I saw Penelope, but Jack was a foot or two behind her. Then I noticed the gray squirrel right behind Cliff's CPU! Aiyee!

The squirrel ran out and I grabbed Penelope as she gave chase. Jack followed and Kimmi grabbed him. I took Penelope out of the kitchen, but the confusion the squirrel followed/chased me. My bare foot came down and felt fur, I gave a scream and because I didn't want to mush the squirrel, I went off-balance and fell forward to the ground. Poor Penelope was thrown from my arms. The squirrel ran back into the kitchen and hid underneath the baker's rack.

Cliff tried to block all ways except to the sliding glass door. The squirrel jumped over the 10-lbs bag of rice that was supposed to be a barrier and ran outside. Kimmi let Jack down and Jack investigated the baker's rack while the squirrel ran for his life across the neighborhood.

A sigh of relief and laughter was had. I picked up Jack and walked outside with Cliff and Kimmi with Lynda looking on warily. Jack was still wound up, but was fine in my arms. However, he decided to be pissed off with Cliff and Kimmi. He took swipes and growled at them (but not me) while peaceably being held. It was kinda weird in that he drew a little bit of blood on Kimmi and Cliff while Kimmi laughed at him and batted with his paw. Jack lightly bit my hand once, then went back to trying to hit Kimmi and Cliff from the platform and safety of my arms.

Lynda was too scared of growly Jack to get close, but the rest of us were chuckling at the cranky cat. Stoopid humans lost my squirrel! Mommy is just helping me up to smack those dumb bastards!

Penelope was extra jittery for the rest of the afternoon and wouldn't let anyone touch her. Poor thing is jumpy on the best of days.

Lulu woke from her nap briefly to watch the height of the excitement, but then went back to sleep.
Tags: jack, lulu, penelope, squirrel

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