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I've certainly been quiet lately. And yet, big things are afoot. I'm interviewing for a transfer today. The position would be a minor promotion and a better job title. I've already had a phone pre-interview and today I'm going over to the department to have a proper interview and to meet with staff.

However, I know if I stay where I am, I'll get a 5% raise on July 1. Usually, I don't get told what my raise is beforehand, but my administrator doesn't want me to go, but if I do, I should ask for at least what my raise will put my salary later this year. My current salary is above the midpoint for position. Yes, I actually told her that I was looking, but she's the one that said it would be good for me to look around because I was stagnating. She wasn't insulting me or trying to get rid of me. I've been doing the same thing for 7-8 years.

'Course now, she's complaining that the only one that'll suffer if I leave is her. The position I'm applying for seems interesting and I've been told the people are very nice. Though if I don't get the position, I'm still going to be fine. Still, the Director is an ass and I wouldn't mind getting way from him. So, I'll be going into this with my best foot forward. Change is scary, but I think it would be good for me.

There's a family thing going on in my life right now, but I'll tackle that in another post.
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