Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Mighty Hunters

Jack and Penelope are the mighty hunters in our household. Lulu is just not that interested. The squirrel incident from a few weeks back proved these predilections.

On Saturday, Jack brought a small black bird into the house. This time, I caught him doing it. Cliff separated Jack from the bird and put it in a box. Jack tried to get into the box, and Lulu was interested in the situation. I gathered up Jack and Lulu and locked them in the master bedroom, while Cliff took the bird outside.

I followed Cliff and saw him release the bird, who thankfully had not broken a wing and still seemed able, if frantic. The little bird flew towards the back fence when Penelope came out from behind a bush, and with a mighty leap caught the bird in mid-flight. I have to admit I was hella impressed, despite the fact we were trying to save the bird. I mean, this was a nature show quality take down. Penelope is quite the huntress! She may not be the brightest kitty, but damn if that girl doesn't have the hunting instinct. I should note she also brought a lizard into the house yesterday.

We shooed Penelope away from the bird, and I grabbed her and took her inside. Cliff said the bird took off again, but didn't get enough height and hit the fence. Yikes. However, the bird must have recovered because we looked for it about a half hour later and it was nowhere to be found.
Tags: cliff, jack, lulu, penelope

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