Binah (binah1013) wrote,

TV Roundup and one movie

This might be a boring entry, but let's see how it goes.

ANTM. I'm still following it, but I haven't been talking about it. Love Natasha. Actually loved her from the beginning, but I didn't think she had a chance. Now that's she's made it to the top 4, I'm afraid to hope, but I'd love to see her win. Renee can go die in a ditch. Ugh, she's definitely this season's bitch. And previews hint that she tries to conspire with Jaslene and Dionne to gang up against my girl. Grrr.

The Tudors. Anybody watching this? I haven't watched yesterday's ep yet, but I'm enjoying the series. Anne Boleyn is being portrayed how I imagined her in real life. Her family is ambitious, and she's the canniest of the bunch. The series is also doing a good job of presenting Henry, imo. Same with Catherine of Aragon. Though I'm baffled as to why the show felt the need to combine Henry's two sisters into one character. It's going to be odd if "The Tudors" makes it to Elizabeth's reign.

Doctor Who. The last ep was decent, but I've gotta admit S3 isn't blowing me away. Martha is okay. Everything is okay, but that's it. I thought the Dalek two-parter was actually quite lame. Luckily, the preview for the next ep looks exciting considering which character made an appearance. Gotta wait two weeks, though. Hopefully the second half of S3 will outshine the lackluster first half.

Marie Antoinette. Odd movie, imo. Love costume dramas and real royal history, but this movie was paced oddly. We spend in-depth time on MA's arrival and first few years in France, especially with her *ahem* problem with Louis. I've read biographies on MA, so I knew about the problem and wondered if they'd cover it. But damn, that was half the movie. And then the movie glosses over the next 20 years, including the last significant years. WTF? I gather that the movie is supposed to be MA's POV, but surely some context should be given to her behavior that so pissed off the populace. She wasn't THAT out to lunch. She did try to improve her image, even if it didn't work.

I also think that the 80's music didn't work as well as the director hoped. Modern music in Moulin Rouge was inspired, but not so much here. And this is an 80's kid that still has a soft spot for the music. I have to give this movie a mild thumbs down.
Tags: antm, doctor who, marie antoinette

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