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Musing on Doctor Who 3x8 - Human Nature and some of 3X7 - 42

It's gotta be hard out there for a Ten/Martha shipper. I don't ship them, but I'm noticing that some do. And yes, I know that fanfic writers will ship anybody, but damn if RTD isn't making it crystal clear that Ten just isn't that into Martha. At least not romantically.

I liked Human Nature, which for some odd reason Mad Martha at Demonoid is calling "Alter Ego". Actually I'm an idiot and that was the Confidential.. I downloaded it from one unmentionable place, but the audio at the end gets increasing disjointed from the video, so I'm going back to the tried and true.

Anyway, Human Nature definitely has a bit of the old Who vibe to it. It has a decent mystery and the setup is interesting. Poor, poor Martha. The girl just doesn't catch a break, huh? Glad the show finally touched on racism, when it was so implausibly ignored in New York. Plus, I actually cared about the characters, like Joan. That's more than can be said by last week's 42.

Okay, mini-rant on 42. Why the hell did that ep get that name? I mean, if you're going to use the iconic 42, surely it should be for an ep worthy of the name. Something funny, something ironic at least. Why does a run of the mill knock off of The Impossible Plant/Satan's Pit get that title? Was there something about the ep related to Douglas Adams that I didn't catch? Because even in the literal sense, 42 didn't seem to have a connection.

I didn't dislike 42, but again it was only okay. It didn't blow me away. The best part was Martha's phone calls to her mother and the Saxon conspiracy bits. I am interested to see where that goes. But the rest? Just an average MOTW (monster of the week) show.

I hope the second half, Family of Blood, delivers on the solid set up of Human Nature.

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