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New Job

I've completed day 2 in my new job. Even though the new job is in the same institution, the duties are completely different. Yesterday, I was slightly daunted, but I'm getting with the groove of things. I'm having to learn many, many new things. My old position was in a department that did everything slightly different from everyone else, and now I'm in a very central department.

In my old building, we had our own IT person, our own Facilities staff, etc. Now, I'm having to do everything by entering forms rather than walking down the hall. Though I do have an advantage here because IT, finance and HR are in this building. Someone from Telecommunications just came down and showed me how to use these phones and voice mail which are different from the rest of the campus. So, I'll still be close to these folks, I'll just need to communicate to them through official channels rather than just a call.

One thing that may be more work, but I think is a good thing is that I'm going to have a lot of true administrator responsibilities. Things that my old administrator did, I'm responsible for here. I'm being issued a department credit card, maintaining budgets, processing new hires, terminations, etc.

Anyways, I'm settling in.
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