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StumbleUpon is all that and a bag of chips

I honestly have to recommend StumbleUpon to anyone who'd like to just hit a button and find yourself at some random website about something you'd probably find cool.

On to something I StumbledUpon. I don't even read the HP books, but I have watched the movies. Even with only movie knowledge and a mother who reads the series and talks about it, I found the below hilarious. Methinks it also doesn't bode well for Harmonians if the Han Solo/Princess Leia thing shakes out.

From misc

Oh happy day! I figured out how to get Picasaweb not to resize your pics! Oh hooray!

This is a fun night on the internet! Smutty DW fanfic (Doctor/Rose), StumbleUpon fun and Picasaweb working to my liking. Oh yeah, and now I'm posting on LJ! Plus, I'm trying out this HP program that came with the computer that has a function to backup and restore all photos on your machine. It categorizes and indexes all the images on your computer, sorts them however. I find By Date particularly useful. Then it tells you how many DVD's or CD's you need and then you just feed the DVD/CD's as needed. I've got a ton of pictures. I'm guessing several GB. That'll take awhile.

I hope y'all are having a good night, however you spend it. In addition to internet fun, I made alfredo ravioli for dinner, played with kitties, watched an ep of DS9 and socialized with Cliff for a greater part of the evening.
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