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Flowering Grass and Cats

Never has it been truer to say you learn something new every day. Even if it's something you'd have thought I'd noticed before. I've never given much thought to how normal grass in one's yard propagates. If you asked me, I couldn't have given you an educated answer. Further more, I suppose I never paid enough attention to grass to ever notice if it changes. Other than to notice it goes brown ever so often, that is. I mean, grass isn't as extravagantly obvious as dandelions.

But a couple of weeks ago I took notice that our grass looked kinda different. I pulled out a thick blade and was amazed. Flowering grass and miniature fuzzies! Only took me 36 years to notice!

Click the photo for an even closer look. I thought it was cool.

Okay, I'm done with botany. How about some pictures of my gorgeous kitties. You know you wanna look!

Handsome Jack
From Cats

Close-up of Penelope

Lulu in the shade

Penelope in the grass. She so loves being in the grass.

And Jack looking back. What a ham!

I admit it. I love my furry babies to excess.
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