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Movies and the tooth

If you think life is too unbearably cheery or your belief in the concept of an indomitable spirit needs shaking, you should watch either The Fountain or The Curse of the Golden Flower. Both will remind you that life has no fairness requirement.

I think The Fountain needed a little more clarity in the storytelling. I would bet that a Director's Cut would make the film better, kinda like how the DC improved Donnie Darko. Though I liked Donnie Darko before the DC. I think the promos for the film promise something different than what was shown, but then I'm just not sure. Two of the three time periods make sense, but the third is a bit of mystery to me. I think a bit of clarity could make it a fabulous film. As is, it has emotionally affecting parts but lacks greatness.

As for The Curse of the Golden Flower, the set design was beautiful. Though I'm thinking some of the color schemes were a bit modern, imo. As for the plot, I've seen Chinese film hit the same themes more poignantly. The slowly emerging back story doesn't quite satisfy. It's not a bad movie, but I wouldn't recommend it over Hero or Fearless.

I went to the dentist again this morning. I had a root canal and crown done last Monday. My dentist has equipment to make her own crowns. Anyways, I was still sore yesterday and quickly running out of hydrocodone. I called her answering service and asked for either a refill and/or assurance that something was not wrong. She called me back and asked me to come in. I did this morning.

She confirmed that I had inflammation around the tooth. I told her I suspected that the tooth was too high and she agreed and filed it down some. Then she sent me off with a steroid prescription and a refill of the hydrocodone. The steroid comes in a pak, like birth control pills. Also the pills are not coated and are extremely vile. I have to take 6 pills today, 5 tomorrow, and so forth down to 1. Hopefully the soreness will go away now.
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