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Dubya on Meet the Press

Goddammit! I had a whole huge post written about the softball interview and I hit the "Rich Text" option and I lost it all! GRRR!!!

Has Tim Russert forgotten how to ask a follow-up question? Damn, so many missed opportunities--particularly about Chalabi and Cheney's DOD intelligence group on the side. Dubya stuck to script for the most part. I bet they disallowed follow-ups, 'cause I don't think he'd be able to handle them.

Didja love the quote, 'I am a war president'? ::eyeroll::

Ya know, Laura Bush in a CNN article online disputes the claim that Dubya doesn't read the paper. But if Dubya is claiming not to have ever heard the "war of choice" term in regards to Iraq, methinks he really does get all his info from his neocon henchmen.

Tim Russert did ask him some good questions, but questions that Dubya was clearly rehearsed to answer. I loved the Kerry quote that basically boiled down to the impression that the White House uses Dubya as a prop. ::Snerk::

All in all, I guess this interview is what I expected. I kinda hoped Russert would show some spunk, but no. Now Bush will have survived a "tough" interview that really wasn't and possibly get some good press he doesn't deserve out of it. Feh.

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