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Doctor Who S3 in review

The highly uneven third series has come to an end. The majority of the first half made me wonder why I was still watching the show. Then came the Human Nature/Family of Blood two parter and the rest of the season redeemed Who for me. Probably not coincidentally, I finally started genuinely liking Martha during that two parter.

Ahh, Martha. I so hated your crushing on the Doctor. It was a big part in the slowness of my warming up to you. But I think RTD was using you to transition the show back to old skool companion mode. Unfortunately, that meant you didn't seem to show much of your personality until you realized that you weren't getting your man (erm, Time Lord).

I don't think the crush was the way to go. I think it shortchanged Martha's character development. Though I'm guessing it was RTD's method of fandom managing. Using the unrequited theme eased the way for Rose fangirls, and worked to help break the cycle of immediately intensely shipping new female companions. The Martha/Ten shippers bore the brunt of tactic. Next time the Doctor picks a female companion, fandom will be more cautious of shipping them with the belief that canon will support the ship. Canon beat Martha/Ten shippers down with a big meaty fist time after time. I almost felt sorry for them. Almost.

The nadir of the series was the Dalek two parter. 42 was rather uninspiring, too. Gridlock and The Lazarus Experiment didn't excel past merely okay for me. Though Blink, Utopia and Sound of the Drums were fabulous. I need to watch Last of the Time Lords again to solidify how I feel about it. Dobby!Doctor seemed a cringe-worthy concept to me. I'm also not sure how I feel about the magical saved by a meme thing. Martha's exit was well-handled, I thought. I liked the concept of Jack as the Face of Boe. Rose created the Face of Boe. I think that's cool, though maybe Jack doesn't feel that way. Still, it definitely adds to my little theory that RTD was building a mythology with the Bad Wolf thing.

As for the Master? I had no idea that regeneration was a choice. His death really highlighted how alone the Doctor feels. The things the Doctor was actually reminiscing about as if they were positive things? Oh my. And did Lucy pick up that ring? Or was it someone else?

It seems like series 4 will be the normalization of Doctor Who. Back to the classic formula. Though before David Tennant exits the show, I hope we'll get a Billie Piper appearance.
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