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Potterdamerung has begun with the book scans. I need popcorn.

In other related Harry Potter news, I enjoyed the OotP movie. Cliff was a bit mixed on it, if only because he wanted the students and adults to be more of team at the end. Both Cliff and I just watch the movies. We're not focused, as a friend would say.

I emailed the images of the wankplosion-inducing Epilogue to my mother who's eagerly awaiting her book from Amazon. I come by my spoiler whoredom honestly. I asked her if she wanted them and she said, "YES!" She's utterly spoiled me for everything HP. It's kinda funny that *I* get to spoil her for once in HP. Cliff refuses to be in the same room with her if she's discussing HP.

I know there are more scans out there, but I'm not motivated enough to go get them and offer 'em to Mommie Dearest. I'm just in it for the wank. :D
Tags: spoilers, wank

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