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I tried to give blood today. I tried and was rejected. :( My iron level evidently was low enough for the nurses to give me a concerned look and a suggestion to talk to my doctor. The minimum iron level they accept is 12.5. 12.5 what? I don't know, but my level was 7.1.

Sigh. I meant to take a Centrum yesterday, but forgot. However, the nurse said that wouldn't have been enough to get my iron level to an acceptable level.

I've been rejected before, but I've also given blood before. Though I'll admit that I've made special efforts to eat iron-rich food before successfully giving.

I won't even go into the comedy of errors I experienced in trying to GET to the donation location, but even if it was straightforward, I'd be disappointed in getting rejected. Now I'm just cranky about the whole thing and wondering if 7.1 is something I should be bothering my doctor about.

ETA: Called the doctor's office to ask if the level was worth bothering him about. Maybe he could have told me to just take some iron pills. His nurse called me back to ask me to come for a blood test. So, I go tomorrow morning.
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