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This is bad for my self-esteem

According to Penelope, when the dishwasher is running, the kitchen sink is more interesting than me. After all, the sink might vomit a bit. I don't remember her being all that interested if I had to do that, but the sink? Whoa!

Penelope is the kitchen supervisor. And she's serious about her supervising. She makes sure I wash the dishes correctly, put up the groceries correctly and of course, she supervises all food activities. At least from as close as I let her get, which is shamefully often on the counter.

However, I don't willingly let her hang out in the cabinets. The kitchen supervisor is sometimes a naughty Penelope.

As soon as I finished taking the picture, I shooed her out of there.

Penelope on the look-out for more kitchen activity!

Our kitties adore boxes. I brought home the top to a cake box and they were FASCINATED. A see-through box! You can see the carpet when one of the hyoomans drags us across the floor while we're in it! Coolness! Though, it's hard to chew on this invisible box! Here's Jack in the magic box.

Ahh, we adore Lulu, but the girl is no lady. She lets it all hang out. Penelope and one of my shoes are in the background, if you must know.

Here's Jack outside on a wet day.

And we finish up with Lulu, with a fetching over the shoulder look.

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