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The Eyes Have It (a.k.a. The Lame Pun of the Day)

I took Mommie Dearest to her cataract surgery last Friday. Oddly enough, neither of us bothered to research the procedure until after the surgery. Mommie Dearest was nervous and I tried to calm her, but she's doctor-phobic on the best of days. Still, it was an outpatient procedure.

Evidently the surgeon replaces the lens in the back of you eye with an artificial lens. For some odd reason, I had some thought that the surgery would deal with the cornea. Mommie Dearest's vision has so drastically improved that she seems to no longer need glasses at all at this point. Her other eye is adjusting to the new and improved eye. As she told me on the phone last night, this is decidedly odd for her as she's worn glasses since 6th grade.

Here's an excellent animation of the procedure:

Both my parents wear glasses, and yet I have reached the age of 36 without the need. Actually, one of my eyes has a slight astigmatism and the other is slightly near-sighted. They correct for one another quite well. I was once offered reading glasses, but the improvement was so minor that I didn't bother. I had minor eye surgery a couple of years ago and my eyes were tested. The ophthalmologist didn't suggest glasses to me. So, I feel I'm not deluding myself that my vision is fine.

Funny fact. My parents and I happen to share a PCP. This was not by design, but discovered after the fact. I don't think our PCP referred Mommie Dearest to her ophthalmologist, but he's the same doctor that did my minor eye surgery. Considering the SW Houston Area is fairly populous, I would have no expectation that only one eye surgeon serves the area. Then again, who knows?
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