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Doctor Who Fanfic Trauma Continued

So, I related the trauma of running into a fic with a surprise Mickey/Jacking pairing here. The story was sold as an angsty post-Doomsday introspection piece about Emo!Rose. Not my favorite genre, but alas...

Ahh, Emo!Rose, you were overshadowed by your mum and your ex. No exposition as to why Jackie would leave her alternative world version of Pete, new and improved with scads of cash. No reason given why she'd take up with her daughter's ex-boyfriend. No explanation why Mickey would leave his new BFF (and possibly lover) Jake. I need to be sold on that scenario. But were you selling me that, or did you forget Pete's name? I assumed the latter.

I was wrong. From the author:

I didn't mean Pete, I meant Mickey (but I'm not a shipper of Mickey/Jackie in any way). I know it's not very "normal," per say, but I wanted the feeling that Rose really had nothing, not even her ex-boyfriend, who now had her mother. It really is an unusual pairing, sure, but I thought it worked well for this story, at least. Sorry for freaking you out and thanks for the comment.

Huh. Note to self: It's just fanfic. Don't give yourself an aneurysm thinking about this.
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