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Personal Hygiene, but not really TMI

Over the weekend, I purchased Secret "Scent Expression" Vanilla Chai gel antiperspirant/deodorant. I mention this because it's kinda odd, in a way. I smell the deodorant all day, It's not a bad smell at all(which I'll describe further on), but I've never sniffed myself in the afternoon and so clearly identified what I applied to my armpits.

I was going to google an image of the product, but instead, I actually found an article in the Chicago Tribune about this line of products. The article refers to the "Scent Expression" line as "perfumed deodorant". Apparently, my observation wasn't my nose going haywire, but rather an intentional effect of the product. See the article here.

Okay, how's the fragrance? Some vanilla scented items can smell cheap and sweetly cloying. I figured I'd risk this Vanilla Chai because I figured the spicy influence of chai would ground the scent. However, I don't smell much chai in the scent. But the vanilla scent actually smells like the vanilla you'd use in cooking. It literally smells like you opened the bottle of vanilla extract. If you're going to smell like vanilla, that's not a bad way to go.

I don't think it would be wise to wear perfume on top of the scent. So if you have that favorite bottle of Chanel #5, or in my case, Dior's Dune...well, um, either take a break from your scent or don't use that deodorant. *shrug*

Heh. A whole entry just about underarm deodorant. I thought about going off on a tangent on the word "haywire", but I stayed on target. There's NOTHING TOO INCONSEQUENTIAL I can't blog about! BWAHAHAHAHAH!
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