Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Latest Kitty Pix!

I only prepped three pics this time. I thought I had some I hadn't posted yet, but alas no. I notice that when I take pictures at sunset when it's still bright, they come out like I took the pics at night. Irritating that. Sometimes I wish I was a better photographer, but I'm not motivated enough to do much about it.

One day I will get a proper photo of Jack and Lulu so that you can see how different they can look. Granted, from a distance and from behind, I can be confused as to who is who. But their faces and body shapes are really different.

My matinee idol!
From Cats

Penelope and Lulu snuggling.
From Cats

Lulu: Day I got cookie!
From Cats
Tags: jack, lulu, penelope

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