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Today, we go live...

Ever since I got my new position in June, I was told that one of goals they wanted me to accomplish would be to convert our department to Microsoft Project. The staff had been entering hours on monthly Excel worksheets with no links between worksheets. I didn't know MS Project, but I was willing to learn. Well, finally today we went live! Whee!

As expected, I've been fixing things all morning. I was kinda dreading this morning, but it's been okay. Started out with problems right off the start. I had saved all the projects and committed all the resources. The name on the file said something along "Project A.Published". However, a project isn't really "published" until you go to Collaborate->Publish->All Information. Ha ha. Talk about a basic mistake!

The rest of the morning has been about small things and philosophical debates on project names. On my "administration" project, I had to enter "tasks" like vacation, sick, personal, etc. I somehow assumed that the MS Project Server would have some automatic function to account for such universal blocks of time. Actually, I think they might, but evidently our IT department handles it like tasks on a project. And since I already had an administration project, it was no big deal.

If nothing else, I figure having "converted department to MS Project" will look good on my resume. I'm a fairly pleased woman right now.
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