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ANTM Cycle 9

I want to talk about this episode starting from the end. No sadness to see giggles!Mila leave. I swear the girl showed absolutely no emotional reaction to being the first cut. However, I missed the packing her bags bit due to rewinding and the DVR resetting for next show. I didn't like Mila's look anyway. I don't tend to get attached to any of the girls until halfway through. Though I will admit to really liking last cycle's Natasha from the very beginning.

Now on to the topic I really want to talk about. I've got to hand it to Tyra and her producers. They figured out a great way to create drama for this cycle. Did they have a discussion about this cycle and go:

Tyra: Now what can we do to up the drama? That last group was *much* too nice.

Producer: Well, I suppose we could pick more insane girls. Jade was "amazical". Heh.

Tyra: No, no. Not all insane girls are good enough to make it more than halfway.

Producer: We could come up with a way to figure out how to up the stress level in the house. We could short them a bed again.

Tyra: *sigh* No, we've done that. Hmm...*lightbulb*...Hey! It seemed like most of the girls smoked last cycle, right?

Producer: Yeah

Tyra: Let's make this a NON-SMOKING cycle! We won't tell the girls 'till they're already in the house! We'll even do the first photoshoot about it! Oh, I'm brilliant!

Heh. Good job, Tyra.

When it's this early in the competition, you're just getting the feel for some of these girls. Sarah, the "plus sized" girl is very pretty. Heather, a.k.a. Ms. Autism, is getting a kind edit, but I think the judges will use her social awkwardness to cut her eventually. However, I do like her a lot. Jenah has an interesting look. Ebony and Lisa are gorgeous. Even though I love it when one of the girls is a smartie, I'm not crazy about Victoria, Yale girl. Chantal is fine.

Cliff figured out who'd be cut only half paying attention to the show. I should ask him who'll win.
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