Binah (binah1013) wrote,

MySpace Follies

I know little about MySpace other than I've never seen a decent looking one. I'm sure somebody must have a pretty one, but whenever I'm directed to someone's MySpace, it's hideous and automatically starts blaring out some insanely loud pop song that I don't care about. How annoying is the music option? VERY. Oh, and it's a blocked domain at work.

Anyway, Cliff's niece (who's 4 years younger than me) announced to family members by email that she has created a MySpace and we can read updates about her nuclear family on it. She said something along the lines that if we signed up for MySpace, we could read her blog.

I like this niece. In fact, I like that branch of Cliff's family. On the whole, he's got a much nicer family overall IMO. Even his swinger brother. So, I decided to sign up for a MySpace, despite my less than favorable view of it. I didn't spend anytime updating my profile other than age, birth date, female, and location. And I'm pretty sure that information was required during registration.

I mention this to stress I'm a total noob with MySpace. Yesterday, I learned that fellow MySpacers can "email" your MySpace. I received an email from some guy in my area wanting to hook up with me. I was all WTF? His email didn't seem like spam, if only because he said he was 28 and hoped I didn't have a problem with a younger guy. Heh, no problem with that 'cept my husband! So I checked my page to figure out what he possibly could have gleamed from my page and noticed I was listed as single. I didn't realize MySpace mentioned marital status and it defaults to single. I promptly figured how to update my profile.

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