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An Adventure

I live in the Houston metro area, in small city called Stafford. I work in Houston. I live basically in the city center of this town. So, when we got the vehicle registration notice for the Prius, I knew where to take it and it wasn't far.

I told Cliff that I intended to walk, 'cause I can't drive yet. He expressed concern and asked me if I knew how far it was. I told him if it seemed far, I'd turn back.

Well, I went. The way up sucked because there wasn't a lot of sidewalk, and lots of uneven ground. I couldn't walk on the road because it was very busy and the uneven ground is bad for someone recovering from stroke. But I wasn't tired, just annoyed. I decided to go another way back, even though it was longer. Quieter roads, more sidewalk. I got tired on my back.

I went to Google Maps to see how far it really was. The way up was 1.1 miles. The return was 1.4 miles. 2.5 miles! Not bad for this fatass!
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