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I've had yet another first. Last year I got walking pneumonia and then my first sinus infection. This year it is stroke and now hives. Google is helpful in diagnosing. I had no idea what they were at first. I never had seen hives. I've been miserable since Sunday evening. Last night was horrible. Despite taking Benadryl, I didn't get much sleep. Besides the hives on my legs and arms, my hands are swollen. I took off my wedding ring yesterday morning. Not sure I could have gotten it off if I waited 'till today. My hands ache. They're like overfilled sausages. I keep expecting one of them to split.

Went to the doctor this morning. He prescribed prednisone to take 3 times a day and told me to stop taking the Vytorin and the baby aspirin. He had me go down the hall and had the lab take blood. I asked the doctor if he could give me shot, but he said it wasn't wise since I was on Plavix and aspirin. He said those drugs linger in the body.

I probably shouldn't have done it, but I took some Benadryl and hydrocodone too. Did I mention I was miserable and desperate? I looked online to see if there were adverse interaction with those drugs, but I didn't see anything.

It's been 45 minutes and it seems like some of swelling in my hands has receded a small bit. However, the back of my thighs still itch.

I don't like to whine, but there it is.
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