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Landmark LJ Event?

One of the syndicated feeds I sub to here at LJ is the Get Fuzzy cartoon. I love Bucky the cat. Anyway, the cartoonist has been doing serious cartoons for the last couple of days. He's written that Rob's cousin, Willie, is serving in Iraq and that he's lost a leg. No humor whatsoever. That was yesterday.

TODAY, the cartoon has Rob planning to go meet Willie when he arrives in the U.S. Here's the catch, it's at 2am. Why at 2am? 'Cause that's when the military brings in the casualties and the dead to reduce media coverage. Actually, the media are forbidden to be around when the coffins are unloaded, I'm not sure what the rules are for casualties. Considering I haven't seen any here in the States on TV, I think I guess the policy on that too.

The uproar in the comment section has made it to LJ Drama. Hence the title of this entry.

Also for conversation fodder is that Doonesbury is almost simultaneously doing the same storyline. A character named B.J. is going to lose a leg in Iraq. People are wondering if there was collusion between the two cartoonists. Is Rob's cousin supposed to be B.J.?

One last note. On the news wires recently, there was an image of some flag-draped coffins (18 that I could see) in a cargo plane that were on their way to the U.S. A non-military person working with the planes took the image and sent it to the Seattle newspaper. And that newspaper took some heat for it, but didn't get into legal trouble because the photo was not taken by one of their staff.

I don't get home at night in time to see most national news, but I usually catch the end of The Newshour with Jim Lehrer because it ends at 6:30pm here(CST). At the end of each show, they show a picture of the dead soldiers individually for 10 seconds in silence. Do the other national news shows do this? I've never seen this kind of respect accorded to the war dead elsewhere. Of course, I do avoid Faux News and don't see much of CNN and I've already admitted to missing the national newscasts of ABC, CBS & NBC. So perhaps they do. If someone knows, tell me.

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