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Unsettling Visit to the Neurologist

Today I went to the neurologist to discuss the results of the MRI of my brain. Yes, I did have a stroke. Didn't know anybody had a question about that, but there it is. I guess it was extra confirmation.

This was supposed to be my last visit to the neurologist, but the MRI showed things that made him want to keep me under observation for another year. I have another appointment with him in 4 months. He also made a note to schedule me for another MRI for next year. O happy day. At least, he took note that I was to be prescribed an oral sedative.

According to the MRI, I had moving bright spots in my brain. The "moving" bit made him think that it was not MS. If they were static, then it would suggest MS. He said it might not mean anything. That you could pick a random person off the street and perhaps see it. Still, one doesn't like to hear MS mentioned by the doctor who plans to keep you another year.

BTW, I don't have Fabray's disease. I think I misspelled it in an earlier entry. Nobody had spelled it for me when I first written about it. Actually I did find a Fabry's disease, too.

Sigh. I just want to go back to normal and leave all the stroke business behind me. The medications don't bother me, but having to keep visiting neurologist really reminds me it's not over.

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