Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Tiny Setback

I kinda been having a setback in my recovery since Sunday. Nothing major, but irritating to me. It's like I forgotten how to breathe when I'm speaking, which makes me sound winded. I had problems like that when I was seeing a speech therapist. I can somewhat counteract it by talking low, almost in an undertone. That saves my breath while my body shakes itself of its temporary amnesia. It's not quite gone today, but mostly. That's not to say that the stroke has no other influence on my voice, but it's fairly invisible to strangers. People who know me can hear it.

The other irritating thing is that yesterday my right eye acted like it had runny nose. It's a bit of a gross analogy, but fitting. I kept having to wipe sleepies (family term) from my right eye. It literally blurred my vision at times and crusted my eyelashes. Luckily it has stopped this morning, but my right eye is very red today.

As for the rest of the stroke recovery...

My right hand has gotten better while typing. Less typos. Since the stroke I've tended to omit words in sentences more frequently. I try to proofread my typing for it. I guess some blame can be laid at the feet of my right hand. (hee) Though I blame my brain for racing past my hand for the omissions. However, as I've noted, my right hand has noticeable improved. If I take my time, my printing is my handwriting. My cursive isn't quite there, but better. I don't feel as weird signing checks.

With my walking, my right leg is back to normal. Earlier this month I noticed some effects in my leg, but not now. So yay!
Tags: stroke

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