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Campaign Ads - Texas

I really don't watch too much live TV. I've been watching things taken from the interwebs. But I have seen campaign ads. I've seen one from Ron Paul a couple of times, and a few from Obama. What's remarkable is that I've seen different ones from Obama and I think at least one was crafted especially for Texas. The man clearly has money and runs his ads during prime time.

I had to laugh that one of Obama's ads ran during America's Next Top Model. Going for the teeny boppers (and older women with a guilty pleasure?) with a rock music ad? His ads are well-crafted, but I had to laugh at that.

I haven't caught any Clinton ads. I'm sure they're running, but I'm not going to catch them watching NewsHour with Jim Lehrer or ANTM. Perhaps she's running ads during the soap operas?
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