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Middle Names

Some of the things I have learned this week: The middle names of the most prominent presidential candidates.

I recommend reading this article and the comments for the lulz:

Barack Hussein Obama (knew that one already)
John Sidney McCain (who has the middle name weakness now?)
Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (revealed after dumbass comments implying "Rodham" was Hillary's middle name)

Yes, Virginia, there are still republicans using the Southern Strategy! Mitt Romney can attest to that, religion-wise, I suppose.

Did ya hear about the Ohioan right-wing radio host Bill Cunningham flap where McCain had to apologize for his uncouth comments about Barack HUSSEIN Obama? NPR interviewed him and Cunningham sounded even more disingenuous and assholish than I assumed he'd be. And THAT is saying something. He lobs an insult at McCain that amazed me and I thought was more offensive than the treatment Obama received. I don't want to spoil the amazement if you choose to listen to the interview.

Cunningham Renounces McCain After 'Hussein' Flap

I guess I should be thankful this kerfluffle is getting taken care of early in the season.
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