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Our household is known to the Democratic Party. I gave a small amount to them in 2004 and have been on Howard Dean's and John Kerry's e-mailing lists since then. I have not given money to anyone yet this season, though I keep meaning to give to Obama's campaign. Still, I don't think there is any way for the campaigns to know our inclination.

I mention this because we have received about half a dozen calls from the Obama campaign (volunteers or phone bank) in the last week. We were called TWICE last night, to let us know where our polling place was and to urge us to caucus. I'm not complaining, just noting since those phone calls ended on a high note with everyone happy. I could also mention that folks from Obama's campaign have called sporadically since November for donations.

Calls we've received from the Clinton campaign? Zero. Where is her organization?

I actually like Hillary and would have been happy to vote for her if Obama wasn't running. So it kinda kills me inside when she's subjected to stupid media interviews and encounters. When Obama and Clinton were profiled on 60 Minutes, he got a cool interview and Hillary was stuck with stupid, cringe-worthy questions from Katie Couric. Katie Couric can die in a fire for all I care. And oddly enough, the people who ask her the cringe-worthy questions aren't the ones she's accusing of bias.

Still, why haven't Clinton people called our house when Obama's people seem to have us on speed dial? Is it Obama's bottom up organizational structure is showing its strength over Clinton's top down organization? For someone who is so "inexperienced", his people seem to be getting the job done before the vote.
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