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The things I'm reduced to these days

Sugar free jello and cottage cheese.

Never before would I even think to try it. Since I'm trying to watch my blood sugar (aka watching my carbs), I've been trying out new things to see what I can eat. I can put sugar free jello and cottage cheese under the "acceptable to eat, no/low carb snack food". Oh, incipient diabetes type 2, how I hate you! Fie on family medical history. My father, paternal grandmother and uncle are diabetic. I was hoping for a pass on this family doom.

I check my blood sugar every day at about 5:30pm. I used to check it twice a day (and occasionally I still do), but I figure if I hit 90-110 once a day I can't be doing that bad. That's the normal fasting range. When I was in the hospital for my stroke, my blood sugar never got below 125 which is a bit elevated. However, diabetes was not suspected as a cause of my stroke.

Anyway, Cliff went to the store this week and picked up some bottled tea for me. He kinda messed up and got me the sugar kind, but he thought it'd be okay. I didn't realize at first, until he said something while I started my second bottle. I froze and very briefly considered trying upchuck what I consumed, but decided it wasn't worth ejecting my dinner. I closed up the bottle, and told Cliff the rest of the tea was his. I didn't act angry with him (I swear!), but he felt bad when he realized I wouldn't have drank what I did if I had realized what it was.

When I tested my blood the next day, Cliff decided to look over my shoulder. It was only 107, but I hadn't got over 100 all week. Cliff felt bad, but I told him not to sweat it. After all, it was still in normal range.
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