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Achieving Zen While Walking

I like doing my walks inside. Climate controlled is the way to go, especially with a hot summer coming up. However, the cost of physical comfort is that lots of other people like it too.

As antisocial and perhaps irrational as it sounds, I wish I could walk in an abandoned building that is air conditioned to my comfort. I used to wish I didn't have to share the pool as a kid, now that I think about it. I'd really like not to be interrupted by social niceties, especially if you expect me to STOP. Those bug me the most. I'm walking to get my heart going non-stop for 25-30 minutes and you aren't helping. But even just waving to people who expect to be acknowledged is not a highlight. When I walk, I live in my head and I don't want to be distracted. Maybe I need an iPod so I can pretend to be oblivious. Maybe that's why some people use them.

I've decided that I would hate going to a gym. Never have I forced my fat ass to go to one, but now I know it wouldn't just be the fact that I'd have deal with skinny minnies that would make me feel self-conscious. I would internally compare my progress to others and I hate that I do that. It's not major, but I kinda feel irritated when another walker zooms past me. Usually I can console myself with the fact that the other walker is taller than me. It's not like I haven't zoomed by other people, but I hate that I notice and concern myself with it. My progress is my progress. Theirs is theirs. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that.

Despite my bitching, I'm not in a constant state of agitation while I walk. Living in my head usually keeps me peaceful. Daydreaming about a fanfic I'll never actually write, or thinking about something in the news or planning to do something is what usually what I do in my head.

I probably should read The Little Zen Companion before walking.

"A heavy snowfall disappears into the sea. What silence!"
Folk Zen Saying, pg. 224 of The Little Zen Companion

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