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It seems now we can stop pretending that the Dem nominee is in doubt. Obama actually had it sewed up after PA, but Clinton and the media did the merry dance of pretending viability. For the MSM, it was something to write/talk about. Clinton, it was her tenaciousness or denial. The Clintons are a tenacious bunch, and you've got to admire them for that if not their tactics.

Obama increased his delegate and popular vote lead last night. He did lose IN, but by a razor margin where he handily won the bigger NC. Who knows if Obama would have lost IN if not for Operation Chaos? In any case, it shows that neither Clinton nor Wright stopped Obama's momentum. I'd like to say here that Wright is a self-centered bastard with an ego that must be hard to see around. God Damn Jeremiah Wright!

I will say this, Clinton's tenaciousness might earn her the VP slot. I think for party healing, that it might be wise to have her on the ticket. There are plenty of bitter Clintonites threatening to vote for McCain. I think it's stupid to vote for McSame if you're a Dem, but the bitter are bitter. Online fans have been ugly on both sides and hurt feelings are mostly on the side of Clinton supporters. Yes, she faced some sexism. Yes, her supporters did suffer from a bit of assholery. But in the end, I think Clinton defeated Clinton. Her old style politics are what didn't save the day.
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