Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Stroke and My Sleep Debt

There's an article on neuroscientist who had a stroke at 37 in the NY Times here . I tend to gravitate toward these types of articles these days, for obvious reasons. Her stroke was much different than mine and there's spiritual gobbly-goop involved. Still, it's an interesting read. I had no such nirvana experience, but then my stroke wasn't painful or in the same place as hers.

Since my stroke, I've heard lots of stories about people my age having strokes. For instance, in the department next door, I heard about a woman whose husband just had a stroke. He's my age. Unfortunately, he had a much more severe stroke than I did. He has to learn how to walk again. The actress Samantha Morton (Minority Report) had one. Even CNN did a story about the increasing rates of stroke among the young a few months back. Maybe stroke has always been more prevalent than I knew. I am a news junkie, though I don't tend to pay as much attention to medical news.

Anyway, I'm trying to live healthier. I walk, I have less stress, I eat my vegetables and now I need to tackle the monster that's raising its ugly head again: sleep deprivation. When I stayed home after the stroke, I slept a lot. A whole lotta lot. Part of that was simply recovering, but part of that was erasing my sleep debt. By the end of my sick leave, for the first time since I was a child I wasn't sleep deprived. What a glorious feeling! I highly recommend it. It's better than you might suspect.

So, I know I'm sliding into my old habits, going to bed at midnight and waking at 6am. It's hard to make myself go to sleep at a reasonable time. I used the long weekend to sleep as much as I can. I value sleep more now. However, I don't foresee fixing my night owl habit. I'm going to try mid-week naps. I took one last week and I think it helped. Maybe I'm fooling myself, but naps are easier than going to bed early, believe it or not.

Wish me luck! ;)
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