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It's been a good week to be a democrat. Or more specifically, an Obama supporter. Obama has been making my fangirly heart squee since the weekend.  He's been looking and acting damn presidential all week with the added plus of sinking a 3-pointer on the first try in front of a crowd of cheering GIs.

McCain has been (to quote from a Kevin Smith movie) a fucking clown shoe this week in comparison. Today he was in a German restaurant on the day that Obama gave his speech in Berlin. Come on! You're killing me here, McCain!  (with laughter) And his whining...  He gave out passes that declared the press corps following him the "J.V. Squad".  Yeah, I laughed at the joke, but at heart it was a whine. 

I guess I'd whine if I were in his shoes.  National Review has certainly been.  I had to giggle at some of their posts. 

Anyway, it's been good week.
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